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-King Kong Organics (KKOG) is poised to conquer the African market and beyond.

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  • -King Kong Organics (KKOG) is poised to conquer the African market and beyond.

King Kong Organics is a California based corporation specializing cultivation and extraction of cannabis oils.  Managed by a team of experts whose entrepreneurial instincts and vision have rapidly positioned them as a major powerhouse in the cultivation industry,and who are currently finalizing licenses in 4 countries and have standing agreements and partnerships in 4 more.

At KKOG, our planned operations in Africa and Latin America will include outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, research and quality control labs as well as extraction, packaging and distribution. KKOG and its partnerslook to expand to over 7 countries over the next five years ensuring that they lead the cultivation process across the industry.

KKOG is forging formidable partnerships with companies and countries  that will add value to the company, but most importantly, assist in its community development goals  to ensure all communities it operates in not only share in the wealth but also move forward through education and skills training, farming techniques and entrepreneurial development to maintain and develop local business so the entire community benefits.


KKOG will be utilizing its vast experience, knowledge and global network together with its partner companies to develop a truly vertically integrated company. Focused on Cultivation, Extraction. With the focus being “organic” KKOG is sourcing multiple locations across Africa and Latin America to ensure the products outcome far exceeds industry standards and cost savings unmatched by any company operating today.

Why Africa?

  • As much as 10,000 tons of cannabis is produced throughout Africa each year (United Nations).
  • Zimbabwe: Legalized production for scientific and medical use.
  • South Africa: Domestic potential market of 400 tons high grade medical marijuana
  • Malawi: Trials on hemp production ahead of potential legalization of non-psychoactive cannabis for industrial use.
  • Ghana & Uganda currently in the process of legalization
  • Mali: Recently approved license


KKOG believes that the focus of the major cannabis companies has been on obtaining licenses rather than moving into cultivation and extraction. Many play the markets and have no intention of producing, in some cases selling the license back at massive margins. For example, Lesotho, International companies are currently on the ground upselling licenses for up to a million USD. Much like the mining sectors in the 2000’s the sector has become the trend with inexperience cowboys eyeing Africa and Latin America trying to get licenses with no intention of producing all while making promises they can’t live up to. KKOG is making commitments to all communities with a strategy that focuses on attainable goals through local participation and partnerships.

A cheaper product doesn’t mean lower quality. KKOG can produce the same high-quality oils and at significantly lower cost through our strategic partnerships, passing on the cost savings to the end user.  With current demand outstripping global supply, KKOG’s strategic positions and partnerships allow it provide organic Pharmaceutical grade oil on a global scale. “You may not see KKOG on the packaging, but we are there”.


KKOG’s vision and strategic direction is evident by its global footprint. KKOG has agreements signed with companies based in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Ghana, Mongolia, China, South Korea, Thailand, Brazil, Colombia, Mali, Panama and Ecuador, also, US and Canada. A Truly Global Entity.

While their short-term objectives and expansion plans are well underway, the priority at this moment is Africa, they believe it is the future of the industry and will be the center of production for the globe.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors of KKOG AFRICA LTD.
Edouard Joseph, Chief Executive Officer and Director

For further information contact:
Investor Relations
Media Enquiries
North America- 866-922-KKOG



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