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-King Kong Organics (KKOG) is poised to conquer the African market and beyond.

King Kong Organics is a California based corporation specializing cultivation and extraction of cannabis oils.  Managed by a team of experts whose entrepreneurial instincts and vision have rapidly positioned them as a major powerhouse in the cultivation industry,and who are currently finalizing licenses in 4 countries and have standing agreements and partnerships in 4 more. At KKOG, our planned operations in Africa and Latin America will include outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, research and quality control […]

Masters of the Canna-verse

Recently, KING KONG ORGANICS (KKOG) has been making waves in the Canna-verse, with the objective of “industry Disruption”. Orchestrated by a team of entrepreneurs, with one single goal in mind, to take over the industry. This small outfit of four Caribbean Men have successfully secured supply, cultivation and extraction agreements across the globe. From Africa to Asia, Latin America to Europe, the team has one pursuit, to create a truly global full-service cannabis company that […]


KKOG is a pharmaceutical grade cannabis cultivation and extraction company. KKOG is currently building a globally diversified and integrated supply chain for high quality cannabis (THC & CBD). Cultivation and Extraction is currently in production in Africa and farming operation are being further established across a number of countries. KKOG has numerous applications, and undertaken negotiations with government partners in many Africa Countries, and is actively obtaining license to cultivate, extract and export cannabis.

KKOH intends to become the largest volume producer of wholesale cannabis oils globally. KKOG research labs are currently in R&D creating leading formulations for cannabis related products in multiple sectors.