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The KKOG Philosophy on Commercial Cannabis Production:

Produce a medicine that is clean, potent, price competitive that we would confidently use or recommend.

Organic in our company name, goes beyond the fundamentals of organic cannabis, our cannabis goes above and beyond requirements. Our organically produced flower is grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation.

What sets us apart from our competitorsin this industry, is not just our disruptive platform but our care and love of our product. For along time, cannabis cultivation has focused on getting the highest yields possible, as quickly and efficiently as possible and this could only be attained through the utilization of chemical fertilizers. Attaining 100% organic to us, means focusing on everything from the seed to the eventual harvest and doing so while ensuring the final product and process is beneficially to the environment, planet, plant and end user.

KKOG products are 100% organically produced. Everything from the water to the soil, our facility operates with that in mind. Our goal is to produce cleaner than competitors while setting industry standards. Organic cannabis cultivation does require a greater degree of Hands-on oversight than traditional synthetic fertilizer/pesticide based automated cultivation systems, the numerous pros of a superior, more health-focused product outweigh the additional costs associated with growing organic. Few people have the technical capabilities required to grow a successful crop every quarter.

A truly organic plant begins with the mother plant or seed. From our tissue cultured seeds, we painstakingly select the ideal cannabis strains and genetics for a specific region and project goal. The stringent SOP’s for organic cannabis cultivation is carried right through the harvesting processes, as plants are taken at peak ripeness. Every metric and detail of the process is implemented with oversight/accountability protocols to ensure a consistently high-quality end product.