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Full Spectrum (THC & CBD)

Gmp Certified
Oil Extraction

The Quality of full spectrum oil is unmatched by potency. Our patented process is safe, fast, efficient, and with minimal operating costs, making it a better choice then CO2 or Ethanol Extraction.

Cold Pressure Extraction allows:

  • The use of 1 or more types of solvents 
  • Extraction of 1 or more raw materials
  • Obtain a type of extract or a mixture of extractable substances formed at the molecular level Continuous extraction of raw minerals with multiple interrupted recirculation of the solution is a closed system
  • No contact with the solvents and extracted substance within the environment
  • Low pressure: Under 10-12 Bar
  • The entire process runs with room temperature

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Cold Pressure™ Extraction


Cold Pressure : A mechanical process without heating up: low yield, high quality (without thermal load)

Co-Product : Cake arises during the extraction of oils through cold pressure pressing process

Characteristics : High protein, high fat, and mineral rich

Technological use : Protein Extraction

Volume : 200-800 Liters

Amount of Extraction : 600-2400 in 24 hours

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